Custom Engineering

For When Off-The-Shelf Isn’t an Option






You already have the requirements and specifications for your gage in mind—great!

What if you don’t? Put us on the job. Designing and building custom gages for more than 65 years gives us the knowledge to work through any design challenge and create gages suited for whatever you need.

Either way, rely on the experts at Precision Gage to make the best gage for the application.

Our Process

Our process starts with discussing the part you need to measure and verify. We’ll talk about the part’s function and identify the features that require inspection. We want to know about your experiences on past projects, so that we can repeat what works and improve on what doesn’t. Together, we’ll determine your expectations of your new Precision gage.

  • Who will operate the gage—what are their levels of involvement or expertise?
  • What kind of labor will be involved with using the gage?
  • How much time can be involved with inspecting each part?
  • Should this be a functional gage with Go/NoGo results, or do you need an Analytical gage that returns detailed data?
  • Do you need the gage to collect data?
  • What type of throughput will be required of the gage?

Armed with a full understanding of your expectations, we begin Concept Development. This can be a simple conversation for a straightforward design or a drawing and preliminary specifications for more complex solutions. We’ll also quote the project, so that you’re never unsure of your budget or schedule.

This is the basis for design. With your approval, Engineering begins. It won’t be long before you’ll have a plan to review, complete with an estimated production schedule. Give us the go-ahead, and it’s on to the Tool Room.

Once the gage is built, the final step is Certification. This is the most critical step—when we absolutely verify that the gage will measure and perform as expected.

Every step of this process is controlled in-house, which means you have a single point of accountability. This provides a seamless experience that keeps our customers loyal and satisfied.

Functional Gages

Analytical Gages

At Precision Gage Company, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to supply you with the best inspection tools for your application. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your next inspection project.

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