Cylindrical Gages

Cylindrical Gages

Using plug and ring gages is the one of the quickest ways to verify that products meet the print requirements. Commonly referred to a Limit Gaging or Functional Gaging, these tools are manufactured at the product limits. They have a Go member and a NoGo member. If the GO member is accepted by the part and the NoGo is rejected, then the part meets the print.

Ordering the tools, however, involves several decisions. There are a lot of variables for such a simple gage.

Select a class that is too tight, and the gage can wear out faster and must be replaced sooner, thus increasing inspection costs. Order a class that is too loose, and the gage may NoGo, or scrap potentially good parts.

The material selection affects gage life as well. Our experts can help you select the right tolerance and material for your application.

Class (Gage Tolerance): XXX, XX, X, Y, Z, ZZ
Material: Steel, Chrome, Carbide
Tolerance: + , -, Master, Go, NoGo


H.E. Morse Co. was founded in 1946, not long after a unique plating process had been developed. During the Korean War, H.E. Morse Co. began manufacturing thread plug gages for the U.S. government that employed this process. The unique plating was applied over chrome-plated gages, giving them up to 400% longer life than standard tool steel gages.

Hemco’s manufacturing facility is located in Holland, Michigan, USA. The organization, now commonly known as Hemco or Hemco Gage, manufactures a full lines of fixed-limit gages and variable gages, both threaded and cylindrical or plain. Ekonogage by Hemco is a popular pin gage line, with individual pins, sets, and libraries available for rapid shipment. Hemco also manufactures gages to American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications and is one of only two manufacturers in the United States licensed to manufacture API master gages. Hemco’s products are recognized throughout the world for their longer life and outstanding quality.


Vermont Gage was founded in 1980. The Gage division manufactures a wide range of gage pins and sets. In 1989, the line expanded to include Class X, which provides the capacity to manufacture to tolerances within 20 millionths. Additionally, we have expanded the types of gages offered to our customers by adding taperlock gages, ring gages, and thread ring gages.

Our Thread manufacturing division is in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky. Our main manufacturing facility and sales operations have recently moved into our new state-of-the-art facility in Swanton, Vermont. Vermont Gage manufactures 98% of the products it sells. Vermont Gage’s success has been built from quality products, are competitively priced, and they deliver the technical expertise discerning customers demand. The company is also known for its innovative marketing, working with distributors and end users to develop value-added programs.

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