Form, Contour, & Surface Roughness Measurement

Form, Contour, & Surface roughness Measurement

Part geometry is becoming ever more complex, always requiring tighter and tighter tolerances in order to pass inspection and function properly. Mitutoyo has the most complete form and contour measurement solutions in the industry. From surface roughness to contours, to roundness, when the ultimate accuracy and precision is required, Mitutoyo and Precision Gage can deliver.

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Accurate contour measurements and analyses can be performed economically using the Contracer system. All aspects of a contour can be gaged, including the line, circle, point, angle, high/low contour point. Generating both intersection points, as well as theoretical points, parallel lines, or freely definable lines can be done with ease, as can performing thread functions.


Every Formtracer in our line allows operators to measure both form/contour and surface roughness with just one unit. This is accomplished in some units by the one-touch interchangeable detectors, which do not require the re-routing of any connecting cables. Other models detect both roughness and form/contour with a single detector. The more complex models in this category offer laser hologage detectors, giving superior narrow/wide range accuracy and resolution. No matter how demanding your through-put requirements may be, we have the unit for you.


Turntable functionality with this type of device allows for superior accuracy when measuring roundness—circularity, cylindricity, straightness, runout, concentricity, and perpendicularity. the low-force measurement approach is perfect for fragile parts that would not respond well to typical probing forces. The gage automatically levels and centers to the workpiece, reducing setup time. An optional roughness detector is available, so that the static axes as well as the rounded surfaces can be measured on the same gage.

Surface Roughness

When surface finish is paramount, use a gage from our line of contact and non-contact devices. Accuracy of both 2D and 3D surface topography can be measured to comply with any accredited standard. Our gages can inspect to all profile parameters, including primary, roughness, and filtered waviness.

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