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Precision Tools

Precision Tools

This is a summarized list of the precision tools and the companies whose products we supply to our customers.

Measurement Tools
  1. Angle Blocks
  2. Calipers – All Types
  3. Chamfer Gages
  4. Countersink Gages
  5. Depth Gages
  6. Dial Indicators
  7. Digital Indicators
  8. Electronic Probes
  9. Force Gages
  10. Gage Blocks
  11. Groove Gages
  12. Hardness Testers
  13. ID_OD Gages
  14. Linear Gages
  15. Linear Scales
  16. Micrometers – All Types
  17. Microscopes
  18. Surface Roughness
  19. Thickness Gages

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