Air Gages

High-precision manufacturing requires unique measurement solutions. First developed during the second World War, air gaging is an unparalleled, ultra-precise measurement technology. It is popular among precision manufactures because it is fast, efficient, and reliable.

There are several advantages to using air gages:

  • No Moving Parts = Longer gage life
  • Non-Contact = Won’t mark parts with special surfaces, and better gage durability
  • Fast, high-precision measurement
  • Requires minimal operator skill
  • Repeatability and resolution can be 0.000010” or better

The experts at Precision Gage have decades of experience working with air gaging. We can help you determine if this technology is right for your application.

Mahr Federal

Mahr Federal has been an innovator of precision hole gaging since the first air gaging was introduced in the 1940s. They have perfected the Single Master Air Gage system, which out-performs any other system on the market with its accuracy and linearity. Quality is built into its tooling and its display units.

Over the years, Mahr Federal has designed hundreds of thousands of air gages. From the most basic air plug to complex automated air gaging systems, all of these air gages are capable of measuring the most demanding manufactured pieces. This is critical for today’s automotive, medical and aerospace requirements.

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Western Gage

Western is focused on air and electronic gages that, with a minimum amount of operator skill, provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective measurements of parts in production shop floor environments.

For fast, accurate measurements of internal and external diameters, consider using a Western dimensional air gage. In business since 1968, Western knows what works well and what doesn’t. Air gage ranges are limited, so they are not for every application, but for highly precise parts there is nothing better.

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