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Spline Inspection

Spline Inspection


Functional Spline gages provide a quick and effective way to ensure that mating spline components meet print specifications. They are the universal standard in spline inspection. We offer a full line of spline gages.

  • Plug gages
  • Ring Gages
  • Tapered Master Plugs
  • Fillet Root Side Fits
  • Major Diameter Fits

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This line of gages combines the Go Composite form with Carbide Pins, or Ball Anvils. Manufactured to the same diameter as component pins, the part contacts the gage on a single plane. This allows the measuring of dimensions between and over balls size. Fast, repeatable results can be produced with a Combo Check Spline Gage, even by an operator who has had only minimal training.

Combo Check Spline Gages can effectively measure the following form conditions, as well:

  • Taper
  • Hollow
  • Crown
  • Out of Round

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This is a specialized spline gage that can indicate tooth thickness when pre-set to a master plug or ring gage. Variable Spline Gages are designed to accurately measure the effective or actual tooth thickness width, or the space between teeth, within 0.0001” (0.0025mm). The 0.001mm resolution indicator clearly displays any variation in size that may have resulted from heat treatment distortion, tool wear, and manufacturing deviation. Variable Spline Gages are versatile and effective, accelerating inspection times for both external and internal splines.

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Concentricity Gages help assure that certain diameters are concentric, and that faces are square to the spline pitch diameter. Precision Gage Company supplies concentricity gages to the same tolerances of profiling, spacing, and runout as those applied to our composite gages.

Concentricity Gages have a segmented design of three splined rings. The two outer rings are fixed, and the central ring rotates to lock onto the component. To obtain a quantitative value, a dial gage is set onto the concentricity band of the ring, and then the component is rotated.

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