Composite Gear Testers

Vari-Roll Composite Gear Testers - VR-G2 & VR-G4

The VR-G2 and VR-G4 models are two versions of the base unit for the VARI-ROLL gear inspection system. With either of these units and a properly designed master gear, it is possible to properly and reliably inspect parallel axis gears with bore datums.

The headstock, tailstock, and base components are all built from hardened and cold stabilized steel, which provides long term durability and exceptional accuracy. The headstock and tailstock mounting vees are manufactured to inline and axial parallelism accuracies of 0.0001”/inch (0.0025mm/25.4mm). The measuring pressure can be adjusted from 1 to 32oz. (the AGMA standard).

Equipped with appropriate attachments and/or adapters, VARI-ROLL Gear Testers can measure the tight mesh center distance of virtually any type of gear manufactured today.

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VR-4001 - Vari-PC

The New VARI-PC Radial Dual Flank Composite Analyzer System was built from the ground up to provide the best of both accuracy and user friendliness. The new wizard-based programing features walk the user through the programming process, shortening the learning curve and making it easy for less-experienced operators to use the system. Integrated tools for calculating test radius and center distances, from either provided circular tooth thicknesses or dimensions over rolls, gives users the option to expand their measurement capabilities.

The VR-4001 will analyze results to past and current AGMA & ISO standards.

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VR-120 & 121 - Vertical Centers

Precise and convenient testing of pinions up to 6”/152mm diameter locations, on interchangeable male or female centers, will be achieved by these vertical center attachments.

Vertical movement of the head stock is provided by a pre-loaded rack and pinion gear adjustment system. The spring-loaded retraction of the upper center is adjustable, with a preloaded ball bearing slide providing low-friction positioning and superior accuracy.

Available models include:

  • VR-120: 8”/203mm between vertical centers capacity
  • VR-121: 12”/305mm between vertical centers capacity

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VR-502 - Cross Axis Vee

These tungsten carbide vees can be used for mounting centerless pinion-type gears from their journal-bearing diameters. Spring-loaded clamps with convenient level-actuating handles accelerate inspections. The vee-attachment design eliminates the e_ect of location diameter eccentricity on the center distance reading. A 0.500”/12.7mm mounting shank lets you position various sized gears on the centerline of the VARI-ROLL tester.

Standard sizes are available, 0.32”/0.8mm – 1.0”/25.4mm. Special dedicated sizes are a common choice for easy set-up or long running jobs.

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VR-210 - Helical Adapter

The VR-210 is a basic mounting attachment with appropriate adapters, which allows you to composite-test a complete range of worm and helical gears to a very high degree of accuracy. No other composite gear testing system is as versatile.

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VR-2010 - Helical Flat Gear

The VR-2010 adapter accurately locates helical flat gears from plain bores when mounted on the VR-210. Vee-mounting in arbors provides solid, precise fixturing with fast changeover capability.

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VR-2020 - Worm

When the VR-2020 adapter is mounted on the VR-210, worms and master worms in the horizontal plane mount quickly and easily. Adjustable spring-loaded retractable ball bearing movement and interchangeable centers simplify the mounting of parts. This makes gaging smoother and more precise. An integral drive wheel and a rotating collar simplify turning worm arbors between male/female centers.

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VR-2030 - Helical Pinion

The VR-2030 makes it easy to gage helical pinion gears and worms on male or female centers, using spur master gears. The interchangeable centers, with adjustable spring-loaded retractable ball bearing movement, make it easier to mount parts and makes gaging smoother and more precise. The universal bracket enables vertical mounting on the VR-210, useful for helical pinion gears or horizontal mounting for worms.

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VR-2040 - Centerless Helical Pinion

The VR-2040 provides a highly accurate and efficient system for gaging centerless worms and helical pinion gears from their journal bearing diameters, using spur master gears. Three sets of tungsten carbide vees provide a locating surface with maximum durability. Carbide vees are adjustable independently of one other, in order to accommodate diameter sizes from 3/32”/2.3mm to 1.0”/25.4mm. Vee clamps are spring loaded with adjustable clamping pressure. The universal bracket allows vertical mounting on the VR-210 for helical pinion gears or horizontal mounting for worms.

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VR-310 - Bevel Gear

The VR-310 bevel gear attachment simplifies the tight-mesh composite method testing of 90-degree bevel gear sets, as well as the testing of spur and helical face gears. Vertical movement is provided by a pre-loaded rack-and-pinion gear adjustment system with an integral fine-adjustment lead screw. The indicator checks the variation from a preset position on the vertical axis.

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Calibration & Rebuild

Regular calibration of your VARI-ROLL will ensure greater durability and longer-lasting accuracy of your equipment. Because we are the equipment manufacturer, you can trust that your equipment is inspected with the same tools that were used to certify new testers.

In the event that a tester is found to be outside the acceptable limits, we have a full rebuild service that can bring the unit back to a condition equal to that of a brand new unit.

We are also able to refurbish testers from other manufactures such as:

  • S&F
  • ITW
  • Alina

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